Japanese musical instruments group "OTOGI" Profile


"Otogi" is a musical group that consists of 
four Japanese traditional instruments players; Chikuzen Biwa (Japanese lute), Kokyu (Japanese fiddle),
Koto (Japanese harp), Shakuhachi (bamboo flute). "Otogi" plays traditional Japanese melodies, modern musics, and original musicals. Each member of "Otogi" usually works in Japan and abroad as a musician of his or her instrument respectively. ◆Members' Name Kyokuho KAWAMURA (Chikuzen-Biwa/Vocal) Daisuke KIBA (Kokyu/Composition & Arrangement) Keita ORIMOTO (Koto/17gen-Koto/Shamisen/Shakuhachi) Tomohiro YASUDA (Shakuhachi/Shinobue/Reading)